As part of the Alfa4You service, the subscriber is given the opportunity to organize a conference by calling a special service number +372993. The total number of simultaneous participants, taking into account the Alfa4You subscriber, is limited to 10 (Alfa4You subscriber + 9 participants maximum).


The Alfa4You subscriber, who is the organizer of the conference, pays for all calls made within the conference call, while tariffication is carried out for each pair of participants, as for a separate conversation, taking into account its duration.

How to make a conference call:

  • Subscriber Alfa4You (hereinafter subscriber A) initiates a call to the conference service number +372993.
  • A greeting is played.
  • Subscriber A is asked to press the asterisk (*) to add a new subscriber.
  • Subscriber A presses the asterisk (*) and he is asked to dial the phone number in the international format (for example, 0037257894563, or +37257894563 or 37257894563). You can call any number (not only Alfa4You).
  • Subscriber A dials the phone number of subscriber B1 in international format, a confirmation of the call is played, then he is asked to press the asterisk (*) to add subscriber B1 to the conference, or press the hash (#) to terminate the call and return to the conference.
  • If 9 subscribers B are already connected to the conference, then a message is played to subscriber A that the maximum number of participants has been reached, and the conference returns.