Personal assistant is your irreplaceable assistant.

Around the clock without holidays and weekends.
In Russian +372992, in English +372991

Service cost:

Before January 1, 2019 using the Personal Assistant service is free! Only the cost of a minute of an outgoing call in the host country will be charged.

At the request of the Client, "Personal Assistant" will provide the necessary information about organizations and companies that provide the requested services (name, address, phone number, opening hours, rates, any other information) anywhere in the world. At the request of the Client, the "Personal Assistant" organizes booking, ordering and payment for the service on behalf of the Client. 

Concierge services also include:

  • travel assistance
  • organization of leisure
  • business services
  • medical services
  • emergency assistance
  • translation services into / from 90 foreign languages 

The company providing the Personal Assistant service:

  • more than 8,000 employees worldwide
  • network of 27 call centers
  • representations in more than 70 countries
  • more than 70,000 partners, contractors and service providers around the world
  • partnership with 88 of the world's 100 most successful companies according to the Fortune Global 100 rating.

Some typical situations where you could use the help of a personal assistant:

"I need a translation from Italian into Russian."
"How to get from the airport to the city center?"
“I'm late for my flight! What should I do?"
"I was robbed on the street, what should I do?"
"I need to organize a birthday party."
"I would like to know about concerts and other interesting events taking place in the city now and buy tickets for one of them."
"Please book me a table at a nice Italian restaurant for five people."
"Please recommend a shopping center in the area."
“I have a toothache. Could you tell me the nearest dentist? And make an appointment "
“I am sick, should I see a doctor? Where should I go? "
"Is it safe to go outside my hotel for coffee?"