Privacy and data processing

Protection of personal data of visitors to the website of Ophiuchus Matar Ltd., registration number HE374074, legal address c Souliou 14, apt. 101, Aglantzia, 2102, Nicosia, Cyprus (hereinafter - "Alfa4you") is provided by "Alfa4you" in accordance with the regulations in force in the Republic of Cyprus. Strict observance of confidentiality and ensuring the absolute safety of all information about customers is the main principle of "Alfa4you". Alfa4you has taken all the necessary measures to ensure the security of the data and prevent it from unreasonably falling into the hands of third parties.

Information that is collected about visitors using the Alfa4you website will be processed in accordance with the purposes of obtaining it, for example, to provide the information requested by the visitor or to ensure the provision of services, etc.

In order to ensure the provision of services and assess the need to improve the content of the site and its structure, about visitors to the site "Alfa4you" - just like on other sites - information is collected and processed, which is contained in the access files to the site, for example, the IP address , internet service provider, time of visit, pages viewed.

The Alfa4you website also uses cookies (small pieces of data) to provide a more extensive experience on the website. In accordance with the capabilities of the technologies used, it is possible to refuse the use of cookies, but nevertheless this is not recommended, because in this case the possibilities of using the Alfa4you website are reduced.

For security reasons and to protect the transmission of confidential information, such as requests you send to us as the site owner, we use SSL encryption on the site. You will see an encrypted connection if “http: //” in the address bar of the browser changes to “https: //” and a lock icon appears in the browser bar.

If SSL encryption is activated, the data transmitted to us cannot be read by third parties.

Client information is not transferred by "Alfa4you" to other organizations or third parties, except for companies and persons associated with "Alfa4you", as well as cases when the client is notified in advance of this, or there is an agreement between the client and Alfa4you, or the client in advance has given Alfa4you the appropriate authority or when required by Hong Kong law.

When engaging companies or organizations not affiliated with Alfa4you to provide ancillary services, Alfa4you requires that they comply with Alfa4you's privacy standards and be able to be screened for such compliance.