How can I send Alfa4youSMS?
After the Alfa4you card is inserted into the device (phone or tablet), you will see "SIM Menu" in the phone settings. In order to send Alfa4youSMS a message, please select the “Send SMS” option in the “SIM Menu”.

Through Alfa4youSMS you can send SMS to another Alfa4you number. You can also send SMS to the number of another operator, but in this case we cannot guarantee that the message will be delivered.

How are my calls charged?

Fees in EU countries are charged per second after the first 30 seconds, in other countries per minute.

Do I need to activate Alfa4you after purchase?
Not. You can start using Alfa4you right away.

How to access the Alfa4you menu?
Select the Alfa4you menu and access the following functions:

  • Call
  • Send Alfa4youSMS
  • Check balance
  • Support
  • Settings

How to check the balance of Alfa4you?
Dial 099 (or * 146 * 099#) and press the call button. Your balance will be shown on the screen.

How do I locate my Alfa4you card?
Cell ID service allows you to see the current location of your Alfa4you card with an accuracy of 100 to 2000 meters.

To activate the function:

1. Select “My account” and “SIM card position”.

2. Click “Activate” and select the activation period, confirm.

Please note that this service costs 1 € for 30 days (100 requests), and 5 € (1500 requests).

How can I contact Alfa4you support?
Call us +372 541322000 (24/7, RUS, ENG).

Or write to us: support@alfa4you.com

Why is Alfa4you so cheap?
Alfa4you is a callback service. You can easily call an international number from your phone. Alfa4you accepts your call, connects it to the number you called, and calls you back, connecting the two ends of the line. This ensures that the call is routed exclusively through our partner networks, saving up to 85% while also providing superior call quality no matter where you are. Just.

Will Alfa4you work on my phone?
Alfa4you is designed to work with any model of mobile phones. Very few mobile phones will not work with Alfa4you.

1. Locked phones Alfa4you only works on unlocked mobile phones. If you insert your Alfa4you card into a locked phone, you may see a similar message: “Closed SIM card”, “Insert correct SIM card”, “SIM card registration error”. Please contact your carrier to unlock your phone.

2. Owners of Samsung, LG, Blackberry and iPhone need to do the following:

A. Find Alfa4you menu in your phone menu (Main menu in on Blackberry, General - Phone - SIM Applications in iPhone) and select “Settings”

B. Press "YES" or "OK"

B. Enter “1101” and click “OK” (“CC OptionX: ON” should appear on the screen).

D. Call as usual. To disable the function, repeat all steps with code 1102.

3. Some phone models or older phones (5 years and older) may require a different dialing method when calling from Alfa4you. Dial the number as follows: * 146 * 00 area code, number #. press the call button.

How long is the Alfa4you card and my balance valid?
The validity period of the card is not limited, the card is blocked if more than 365 days have passed since the last action (call, SMS, or credit replenishment).

How to start using Alfa4you?
1. Remove the SIM card by gentle pressing and remove it from the plastic holder, then insert it into your GSM mobile phone * as shown in the user manual of your mobile phone. /

2. Switch on the phone. If your phone asks you to enter a PIN-code, enter it (the PIN-code is indicated on the back of the Alfa4you card holder).

3.Now your phone has got a new number that works in 190 countries! Tell your friends, family and business partners your new international number and start saving up to 85% on international roaming calls!

How do i use Alfa4you in blackberry?
A: Alfa4you is compatible with Blackberry devices. You can make and receive calls, as well as receive and send SMS messages.

You can also go online if you install a web browser such as Opera or Bolt. Then enter the Alfa4you GPRS parameters into your Blackberry by going to Menu - Options - Advanced Options - TCP IP.

Alfa4you does not support the Blackberry Data Service and therefore you cannot send and receive emails or use Blackberry Messenger.

Traveling to Japan or South Korea?
For Japan and South Korea, the mobile phone must support 3G. Other countries - if your phone works in Latvia, it will also work abroad (support GSM 800/850/900/1800/1900)

How to call?
1. Dial '00' or '+' followed by the country code and number. Press the call button.

Example: +44 20 1234 1234


or: 0044 20 1234 1234


2. In a few seconds you will receive a call, just answer it.

3. You will be informed of the account balance and the conversation will begin.

How to use the phone book?
To use your saved contacts, make sure they are in international format.

Example: +44 20 1234 1234


Example: +1 212 234 1234


How can others call me on Alfa4you?
To call your Alfa4you, you need to dial + or 00 and your Alfa4you number 372 XXXXXXXX. Your Alfa4you number is indicated on the card holder.

Example: 00372 51234567

How to make free calls to Alfa4you from Skype and Viber?
Contact Alfa4you Support to activate the feature for Alfa4you!

To make a free call from Skype to the Alfa4you number +37253204388, you must dial +37280053204388. The call is free for Skype users. If the user Alfa4you is located, for example, in Italy (free incoming calls), he only pays 0.15 EUR per minute. Details of service here.

How to send and receive SMS?
Just send and receive SMS as instructed on your phone. You don't have to do anything new!

Manual internet settings
If the phone does not support automatic Internet settings, then enter the following settings manually (in accordance with the instructions of your phone):

  • APN (access point): send.ee
  • Username: your GSM number (3725XXXXXXX)
  • Password: empty field (no need to enter anything)

How do the rates work?
Outgoing call rates depend only on the country of your stay. For example, if you are in China, you pay nothing for incoming calls and pay at a flat rate for all outgoing calls. It doesn't matter where you call: to China, or home, or to any other country in the world.

However, there are several countries where additional rates apply. When you call from anywhere to one of them, an additional tariff comes into effect, which is added to the price of the outgoing call

There is a special rate of € 0.19 for outgoing calls to other Alfa4you numbers cards and voice mail in countries where incoming calls are free. For example, if you are in Norway (where incoming calls are free), then a call to a friend's Alfa4you or to your voicemail will cost only 0.19 €! Even if your friend is in a country where incoming calls are paid

The postage costs 0.06 € within the EU, and outside it - 0.19 € - 0.85 € in most cases.

You can familiarize yourself with all tariffs in the Tariffs and coverage area section. The fact that prices are constantly falling means that in the future you will be able to talk for longer for the same money.

How can I earn Mobile Miles?
Earn miles or points with your Alfa4you while abroad and on the phone. For every minute you get 1 mile. Miles are credited for both outgoing and incoming calls.

Each loyalty program member can register up to 3 Alfa4you numbers. These can be the phone numbers of your spouse, friends, family, or co-workers. It's free and doesn't bind you to anything! For information and registration visit www.mobilemiles.com

How to use the services of a personal assistant?
A: Just call +372991 or +372992 from your Alfa4you number

More detailed information here.

How do I use the call waiting feature?
A: Call waiting can be enabled or disabled in your mobile phone; please refer to your phone's instructions.

If Call Waiting is activated, you can put an active call on hold and switch to another incoming call. After the end of the call, you can return to the first call. In addition, you can put an active call on hold, dial another number and, after talking, return to the first call. Please note that if this feature is active and you put a call on hold, then both calls will be billed: active and held.

How do I forward calls?
In between trips, you can forward calls coming to your Alfa4you to any international number. There is no additional charge for call forwarding to numbers in more than 150 countries. Call forwarding is free, unless the Extra tariff applies to numbers of certain countries.

To enable call forwarding:

if you have Alfa4you in your phone, dial * 146 * 081 * 00-country code-phone number#, for example * 146 * 081 * 0044123456789#
now you can turn off the phone, all incoming calls will be redirected to the specified number

To turn off call forwarding:

if you have Alfa4you in your phone, dial * 146 * 080#

How to hide Callback?
You can install Smart CallBack or ComfortCallback applications on your phone to hide the callback when calling from Alfa4you. This will make your calls more convenient. Available for Android.

How do I use voicemail?
Alfa4you offers a voicemail service that handles incoming calls when the number is unavailable or busy.

To activate voicemail

if you have Alfa4you in your phone, dial 091 (or * 146 * 091#)
the screen will show “Voicemail activated”. Incoming calls will be forwarded to voicemail when you cannot answer
To listen to messages

dial 095 (or * 146 * 095#)
the screen will show “Wait for call” and the phone will ring
reply as usual and you will be informed how many messages have been left
press 1 to listen to messages.
To deactivate voicemail

if you have Alfa4you in your phone, dial 090 (or * 146 * 090#)
the screen displays “Voicemail deactivated”.

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